turn off the tv, set the table for dinner


We present to you: an experience. An experience you’ve already had once.

turn off the tv, set the table for dinner is a one-on-one exploration of reminiscences collected from our childhood. Consider it déjà vu. A walk down memory lane. Nostalgia. Stay for a bowl of fruit loops, but this time, follow it with a beer.

A site-specific interactive performance by Riot Stage and Two Hours Traffic for the Anywhere Theatre Festival.

Premiere Season: May 17 - 19 2013 as part of Anywhere Theatre Festival Brisbane
Duration: 45 mins.
Venue: Holland Park Bowls Club

Directed by: Katrina Cornwell and Morgan Rose
Lighting Design: Francis Walton
Performers and Co-creators: Robbie O'Brien, Peta Ward, Jamie Kendall, Jeremy Neideck, Drew Der Kinderen, Jessie Hall, Jane Cameron, Alice Flynn, Melissa Budd, Hector Pople, Tim Maier & Olivia Hall