You were born in 1982. Or 1975. Or 1958 or whatever. You learned about sex in school maybe from dry textbooks that used words like insertion and coitus. Or maybe your parents told you something about 2 grown ups who loved each other very much. Or maybe you found your friend's grandpa's water damaged porn stash from 20 years prior under a box of sporting equipment in the garage. You probably had conversations about what a pearl necklace was. Nobody really knew for sure.

That's not this show.

This show is about people born in 2001. Or maybe 1995.. When they wanna know something they google it. They google things like:
am I gay?
average dick size
am i supposed to feel like shit?
what's squirt?
does sex hurt?
how to kill yourself and make it look like an accident.

So. That's what our show's about.

11 teenagers. 75 minutes. Sex. And the internet.

Through a combination of anonymous online surveys, candid conversations and gutsy improvisations, Riot Stage worked with a group of 11 teenagers (15 – 19 year olds) to explore the topics that have informed the creation of F. including porn, masturbation, consent, gender, kinks and the pressures of a media-saturated world. A fictionalised presentation grounded on very real issues, F. mirrors the internet – it's an overload of information designed for short attention spans – where five minutes is way too long and content is repeated, adapted and transformed again and again.


"an incredibly authentic and raw depiction of what it means to be a millennial" (The Plus Ones)

"a brilliant, close-to-the-bone portrayal of millennials" (The Age)

"a piece of theatre with something important to say" (Theatre Press)

Premiere Season: 30 November – 11 December 2016 as part of Poppyseed Festival
Duration: 75 mins.
Venue: Trades Hall (New Ballroom)

Director: Katrina Cornwell
Writer: Morgan Rose
Assistant Director: Amelia Newman
Producer: Anna Kennedy
Set and Costume Designer: Yvette Turnbull
Lighting Design: Matthew Adey
Sound Design and Composer: Raya Slavin
AV Designer: Justin Gardam
Stage Manager: Kate Brennan
Peer Advisor on Gender, Sexuality and Diversity: Cecelia Devlin
Performers and Co-creators: Ross Daniels, Alanna Marshall, Sarah Conroy, Sunny Chiron, Taylor Seagal, Bonnie Brown, Izzy White, Jack Zapsalis, Thi Minh Chau (Blair) Phan, Ben van Rijn, Charlie Brown and Elise Louey
Special Thanks: Todd Kingston
All Images by: Sarah Walker

This production was supported by Moreland City Council, City of Melbourne, Creative Partnerships Australia MATCH Funding, Brunswick Secondary College, St. Martin's Youth Theatre, Poppyseed Festival, and all our Pozible Donors.


F. : moments from show.

F. : promotional trailer