So, you’re 16, and your Friday night options are limited. Movies? Nah. Jordan’s house? Nah. Shopping? I don’t have any money. Every weekend it’s a battle to keep yourself entertained (boredom being the ultimate enemy). Half the time this leads to creative genius, half the time to chaos. So Much Yes is an interactive promenade performance piece that takes place in and amongst the clothes racks, car parks, and aisles of Caneland’s Shopping Centre. The teenage actors guide you through an evening of DIY fun. It probably gets a little out-of-hand at some point, but that’s up to you now, isn’t it?

An interactive promenade performance by Riot Stage Youth Theatre created for the 2014 Mackay Festival of Arts.

Premiere Season: 10 - 14 July 2014 as part of the Mackay Festival of Arts.
Duration: 50 Minutes
Venue: Canelands Shopping Centre, Mackay, Queensland

Directors: Katrina Cornwell and Morgan Rose
Performers and Co-creators: Jacob Gordon, Sammi Westcott, Jack Schusser, Kayla Noble, Kaitlyn Douglas, Georgia Haber, Dakotah Fleetwood, Tiarnee Douglas, Tylah Standen, Tamika MacDonald, Rachel Roberts, Brenna Young, Jack Atkinson, Breanna Howard, Zachary Lindemann, Chloe Godfrey, Angel Parsons, Chris Cox
Production Photography: Mikki Finn

The production was made possible by the in-kind and financial support of The Regional Arts Development Fund, The Mackay Festival of Arts, Canelands Shopping Centre, Mercy College and all our Pozible Donors.