The Chorus


It’s a surprise party gone wrong. A contemporary mash-up of ‘Medea’ and media— where the Greek myth meets Facebook addiction. In this world, the characters obsess over online acquaintances and celebrities they barely know, watching their every move, commenting from behind a touch screen. What happens when real life Greek tragedy shows up in their living room? A cutting-edge, Facebook-fueled, funny, physical, awkward, and at times shocking production made for the 2013 Mackay Festival of Arts.

Premiere Season: 18 - 20 July 2013 as part of the Mackay Festival of Arts
Duration: 60 minutes
Venue: The Mackay Entertainment Centre

Director: Katrina Cornwell
Writer: Morgan Rose
Projections: Reece Madam
Puppets: Reece Madam
Riot Stage Interns: Reece Madam, Jessie Hall
Performers and Co-creators: Tiarnee Douglas, Alicia Eden, Mikki Finn, Dakotah Fleetwood, Jacob Gordon, Jessie Hall, Kelly Holden, Reece Madam, Tamika McDonald, Angel Parsons, Rachel Roberts, Tylah Standen, Sam Turner, Sam Westcott, Ellie Wilson
Promotional Image: Reece Madam

This production was supported by the Regional Arts Development Fund, in partnership with the Mackay Regional City Council, the Mackay Festival of Arts, Mackay Christian College, and all our Pozible Donors.